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Exam Retake Decisions Will Be Appealed by Students According to Unisa



Exam Retake Decisions Will Be Appealed by Students According to Unisa

Exam Retake Decisions Will Be Appealed by Students According to Unisa. Unisa asserts that students must appeal decisions regarding exam retakes after violations of Invigilator App rules.

Importance of Invigilator App in Preventing Cheating

Unisa emphasizes the critical role of the Invigilator App as a tool to prevent cheating during exams.

Violations Lead to Unisa Exam Retakes

Several students, found to have breached rules for using the Invigilator App, are required to retake their exams. Technical glitches, claimed by students as the reason for non-compliance, resulted in withheld marks.

Unisa Statement on Invigilator App Rules

In a statement, Unisa underscores the significance of the Invigilator App rules in maintaining exam credibility and protecting qualification integrity. The university states that adherence to these rules is non-negotiable.

Clear Communication of Rules to Unisa Students

Unisa highlights that rules for using the Invigilator App were clearly communicated to students through various channels before exams, including email, announcements, SMS, and social media.

Unisa Implementation of the ‘Out of App’ Rule

Unisa discloses that students exceeding 10 minutes outside the Invigilator App during exams had their marks withheld. Those affected in the second examination opportunity must re-register for the modules.

Unisa Technical Glitches Clarification

The university clarifies that students facing technical glitches preventing script uploads are not affected by the ‘Out of App’ rule.

Appeal Process for Unisa Students

Unisa informs students about an appeal process, encouraging them to raise objections or present their cases for review. Each case will be evaluated on its merits.

Ongoing Marking and Release of Unisa Results

While the university continues marking and releasing exam results as planned, the final release date for all results is set for December 14, 2023.


Unisa underscores the non-negotiable importance of Invigilator App rules, leading to exam retakes for rule violators. The university urges affected students to utilize the appeal process while assuring the ongoing marking and release of results as scheduled.

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