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Exam Results to Be Released by UNISA



Exam Results to Be Released by UNISA

Exam Results to Be Released by UNISA . South Africa largest university, the University of South Africa (Unisa), is set to release the 2023 exam results. However, some students may face challenges accessing their results due to breaches of Unisa’s exam rules.

Staggered Release

Unisa is conducting an audit of examination results, releasing them on a staggered basis as they are finalized. The final release date for all examination results is scheduled for 14 December 2023.

Exam Rules and Invigilator Apps

Unisa, being an open distance learning institution, employs proctoring tools or invigilator apps to monitor students during online examinations. The use of these apps is crucial to maintaining exam integrity and preventing cheating.

Strict Implementation

Unisa recently reminded students of its strict rules regarding the use of the Invigilator App during online exams. Failure to adhere to these rules has led to the withholding of exam results for some students.

App Guidelines

Students were informed in advance about the 10-minute limit for being outside the app during exams. The university emphasizes the importance of these rules in upholding the credibility of exams and protecting the integrity of qualifications.

Consequences for Rule Violations

Unisa has identified students who violated the 10-minute rule, resulting in the withholding of their results. The consequences vary for first-opportunity and second-opportunity students.

First-Opportunity Students

Marks are withheld, but these students can rewrite without re-registering.

Second-Opportunity Students

Marks are withheld, and re-registration is required for the concerned module(s), as the university does not offer a third examination opportunity.

Final-Year Students

Final-year students meeting concessionary criteria have the eligibility to participate in their second examination opportunities before the May/June examination period.

Addressing Concerns

Unisa addresses concerns related to technical glitches with the Invigilator App. Students unable to upload scripts due to technical challenges are not affected by the “Out of App” rule. Affected students are provided an opportunity to submit an appeal.

Appeal Process

Unisa emphasizes the appeal process for students to raise objections or present their cases. Each case will be individually reviewed based on its merits.


Unisa release of exam results is marked by a commitment to maintaining the integrity of examinations through the enforcement of strict rules and the use of Invigilator Apps. Students facing challenges or rule violations are encouraged to utilize the established appeal process for a fair review of their cases.

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