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Exam Remarks Are Now Available to Unisa Students



Exam Remarks Are Now Available to Unisa Students

Exam Remarks Are Now Available to Unisa Students. The University of South Africa (Unisa) marks the success of the 2023 academic year, recording an impressive 8.3 million submissions in assignments and examinations. This achievement reflects the growing digital maturity of students in Unisa’s Open Distance e-learning (ODeL) education model.

Exam Results and Codes | A Crucial Step for Unisa Students

As Unisa releases examination results for the second semester and year modules, students are provided with exam codes that indicate their performance and necessary actions. The university’s commitment to online learning is evident in the 8.3 million submissions, showcasing the active involvement of the student body.

Unisa Exam Codes | A Guide for Students

Unisa students receive specific codes with their exam results, each signifying a different outcome. From passing and failing to special circumstances like supplementary exams, the codes play a crucial role in shaping students’ academic journeys.

Exam Procedures and Policies | Important Information for Unisa Students

Unisa emphasizes its commitment to a fair examination process, detailing policies for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Proctoring tools, aegrotat applications, and consequences for cheating are key aspects that students must be aware of to ensure a smooth academic experience.

Important Reminders and Dates for Unisa Students

The university provides essential information, reminding students of the importance of proctoring tools during exams and outlining specific dates for result inquiries. It also highlights the deadline for applying for exam scripts or requesting a remark, with a cutoff date of January 31, 2024.


As Unisa celebrates the success of the 2023 academic year, it underscores the importance of student engagement in online learning. The university’s policies and procedures aim to uphold academic integrity while providing students with the support and opportunities needed to navigate their educational journeys successfully. For further inquiries, students are encouraged to contact [email protected].

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