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Congress Apologizes for Misleading Testimony About Overpayments From Social Security



Congress Apologizes for Misleading Testimony About Overpayments From Social Security. In a recent development, the head of the Social Security Administration, Acting Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi, issued a formal apology to members of Congress regarding her previous testimony. The apology, dated Dec. 11, comes after revelations of understating the extent of overpayments made to beneficiaries during an October hearing.

Apology Letter Contents

In the letter, Kijakazi expressed regret for any confusion or misunderstanding that may have arisen from her statements during the October hearing. She acknowledged the discrepancy in the numbers presented to a House panel and clarified that the agency has been seeking reimbursement from over 2 million people annually, a figure more than double what was initially disclosed.

Acknowledgment of Error

Kijakazi attributed the discrepancy to her attempt to provide a responsive answer to committee questions on overpayment numbers. She characterized her response as preliminary, unvetted, and partial, emphasizing that the goal of the Social Security Administration is to furnish Congress with the most complete, accurate, and responsive information.

Commitment to Improvement

Recognizing the lapse in communication, Kijakazi affirmed both her personal commitment and the agency’s dedication to improving interactions with Congress. She emphasized the importance of learning from this experience to enhance communication strategies in the future.


The Social Security Administration acknowledgment of the inaccuracy in its testimony and the subsequent apology to Congress underscores the commitment to transparency and accountability. The incident serves as a catalyst for improving communication practices to ensure that accurate and comprehensive information is provided to Congress in the future.

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