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COLA for Social Security in 2024 has a lot of problems



COLA for Social Security in 2024 has a lot of problems

COLA for Social Security in 2024 has a lot of problems. In 2024, Social Security recipients anticipate a 3.2% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). However, a survey by Atticus reveals that 62% of seniors find this increase inadequate, given the escalating costs of living.

The Struggle is Real | Seniors Cutting Back on Essentials

Facing rising prices, 64% of surveyed seniors plan to reduce discretionary spending, and 36% will cut back on essentials. With 40% contemplating returning to work, the 2024 COLA falls short of addressing their financial needs.

Three Inherent Issues | An Impending Crisis

The fundamental problem lies in Social Security’s original design, covering only 40% of pre-retirement earnings. COLAs often arrive too late, and experts argue that the inflation metric used may not accurately reflect seniors’ rising healthcare costs.

Solutions on the Horizon? Concerns Beyond COLAs

Seniors express deeper concerns, with 48% lacking confidence in Social Security’s ability to meet long-term needs. Worries about solvency and sustainability loom large. While reforms are essential, it remains uncertain whether future COLA issues will be adequately addressed.

Potential Social Security Reforms

While Social Security faces insolvency by 2033, lawmakers recognize the urgency of preserving benefits. Proposed reforms might provide a lifeline. However, the fate of annual COLAs remains uncertain, leaving retirees in anticipation.

Maximizing Social Security Benefits

Despite uncertainties, retirees can explore little-known “Social Security secrets” to boost retirement income. Strategies could potentially add up to $21,756 annually, providing a ray of hope amidst the looming challenges. Discover more here.


Seniors express discontent with the 3.2% Social Security COLA for 2024, finding it insufficient to offset rising costs. Deeper concerns about program solvency linger. While reforms may be on the horizon, addressing annual COLA challenges remains uncertain, leaving retirees in a state of anticipation and worry.

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