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Clarification From UNISA Regarding Students Involved With the Invigilator App



Clarification From UNISA Regarding Students Involved With the Invigilator App

Clarification From UNISA Regarding Students Involved With the Invigilator App. Unisa responding to accusations of student misconduct related to its Invigilator App, asserts that it adequately communicated the rules governing its usage.

Unisa Stance on Invigilator App Misuse

The university emphasizes the Invigilator App’s crucial role in preventing cheating and clarifies its position amid allegations that thousands of students violated its rules.

Unisa Students Facing Exam Retakes

A significant number of students, found to have breached Invigilator App rules, are expected to retake exams, raising concerns about technical glitches affecting script uploads.

Technical Challenges and Unisa Student Claims

Students argue that technical issues with the app prevented timely script uploads, particularly affecting final-year students now rescheduled for May/June supplementary exams in the following year.

Unisa Communication Efforts

Unisa defends its communication strategy, stating that it sent reminders to students about the Invigilator App’s rules, including provisions for extended log-out times during exams.

Importance of the Invigilator Unisa App

The university underscores the critical role of the Invigilator App as a proctoring tool, emphasizing the necessity of strict adherence to rules to maintain examination credibility and protect qualification integrity.

Lost Opportunities and Remedial Measures

Concerns arise among affected students, especially those with job offers or further studies, prompting Unisa to offer deferred exams with no additional cost to mitigate the impact on future opportunities.


Unisa reaffirms the significance of the Invigilator App, emphasizing its role in upholding examination integrity. While addressing concerns of technical challenges, the university stands by its communication efforts and offers remedial measures for affected students.

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