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Challenges Faced by Individuals Awaiting Social Security Pension in Kerala



Challenges Faced by Individuals Awaiting Social Security Pension in Kerala

Challenges Faced by Individuals Awaiting Social Security Pension in Kerala. Kerala commendable social security initiative, aimed at providing pensions to the economically disadvantaged, is currently marred by a significant issue—delays in payment. This delay, extending up to four months this year, poses a considerable challenge for beneficiaries who heavily depend on these pensions for their livelihood.

Waiting for Financial Relief A Personal Account

Mary Jayashree, a homemaker from Nediyamcode in south Kerala, is one such individual grappling with the repercussions of delayed pension disbursements. Despite her patient anticipation, the ₹1,600 monthly pension falls short in meeting the educational expenses of her two daughters. While the amount is crucial for her family’s well-being, the prolonged wait has added a layer of uncertainty to their financial stability.

Helpless Retirees Navigating the Complex System

Jayashree, eligible for a widow pension, reflects the sentiments of many retirees facing this predicament. Expressing resignation, she highlights the limitations faced by recipients, stating, “We can only wait for it to arrive. You can’t simply go there [the pension office] and demand it.”

Payment Tribulations The Current State of Affairs

Since August 2023, social security pensions in Kerala have become the subject of widespread concern due to non-payment issues.

While government orders have been issued in November to expedite the release of the July payment, the lingering question of arrears remains unresolved.

The magnitude of the problem is significant, with the government allocating approximately ₹900 crore each month for pensions disbursed to nearly 60 lakh beneficiaries.


The delayed disbursement of social security pensions in Kerala not only impacts the immediate financial well-being of countless individuals but also sheds light on the systemic challenges that need addressing to ensure a smoother and more reliable pension system.


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