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Businesses in Augusta Offer Sustainable Cheaper Food



Businesses in Augusta Offer Sustainable Cheaper Food

Businesses in Augusta Offer Sustainable Cheaper Food. In the heart of Augusta, where securing essential groceries can be a challenge for many residents, the mission to offer sustainable and accessible food options within walking distance is gaining momentum. While the Medical District relies on Augusta Locally Grown, another valuable resource has emerged on Broad Street, contributing to the community’s efforts to combat food deserts.

Filling the Grocery Void in Downtown Augusta

Owned by Alexia Gonzalez, the Earth Pantry recognizes Augusta’s unique position as a locale lacking in grocery options. With limited accessibility due to transportation constraints and busy schedules, the Earth Pantry aims to be a solution for those who find it difficult to obtain groceries. Gonzalez emphasizes the importance of supporting local farmers while offering a variety of products at reasonable prices, making groceries more accessible for downtown residents.

Augusta Locally Grown | Nurturing Community Health through Education and Markets

A short distance away, Augusta Locally Grown not only provides a physical marketplace but also offers classes and operates an online farmers market throughout the year. Diane Kerekanich, the Development Director of Augusta Locally Grown, highlights their commitment to supporting local farmers and making nutritious options available to all. Through initiatives like doubling SNAP benefits for certain products, they strive to bridge the affordability gap and ensure that healthy choices are within reach for everyone in the community.

Promoting Healthier Communities, One Step at a Time

Both Earth Pantry and Augusta Locally Grown share a common goal — to enhance community well-being by offering healthier alternatives. While Earth Pantry focuses on providing locally-sourced, refillable items, Augusta Locally Grown emphasizes education and affordability. The consensus is that purchasing whole foods or directly from local farmers can often be more affordable in the long run, fostering a culture of well-informed, healthier choices.


Augusta businesses, such as Earth Pantry and Augusta Locally Grown, play a vital role in transforming food deserts into oases of sustainable, affordable nourishment. By addressing the unique challenges of downtown residents and supporting local farmers, these initiatives contribute to a healthier, more resilient community. As individuals or families, anyone can benefit from the offerings of Augusta Locally Grown or The Earth Pantry, taking a step toward a more sustainable and equitable food landscape.

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