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American Recipients of Stimulus Checks in One State



American Recipients of Stimulus Checks in One State

American Recipients of Stimulus Checks in One State .The Montana Department of Revenue is set to complete the distribution of income tax rebates by December 31, with eligible residents receiving up to $2,500. This initiative began in July, and Governor Greg Gianforte emphasizes returning overpaid taxes to the people.

Eligibility Criteria for Montana Tax Rebates

To qualify for the tax rebate, residents must meet specific criteria, including being a resident for the entire 2021 tax year, filing 2020 and 2021 tax returns on time, and not being claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax form. The amount received depends on factors such as filing status and line 20 of the 2021 tax form.

Maximum Amounts for Different Filers

Married joint filers can receive a maximum of $2,500, while individual filers may qualify for up to $1,250. The actual amount will be determined by the filing status or the amount on line 20 of the tax form, whichever is less.

Governor Statement

Governor Greg Gianforte expressed enthusiasm about returning money to Montanans, stating, “Montanans overpaid their taxes, and we’re giving it back. I look forward to getting this money back into Montanans’ pockets where it belongs.”

Automatic Distribution and Timeline

Taxpayers eligible for the rebate do not need to take any additional steps to receive the cash. The Montana Department of Revenue is working to ensure a quick and easy distribution, and residents should expect to see their rebates by the end of the year. Director Brendan Beatty advises residents to check their bank statements or mail for the rebate.

Stimulus Initiatives in Other States

Several other states have implemented additional stimulus-type payments:

  • Alabama: Residents received $300 if they filed a state income tax return for 2021 by October 17, 2022, funded by a surplus in the Education Trust Fund.
  • Arizona: Providing $250 per person with dependents, with a limit of $750 for three dependents. Payments for dependents over 18 are reduced to $100 each.
  • Virginia: Residents with a tax liability in 2022 received payments under the rebate program. Single filers earned $200, while joint taxpayers received $400.


While the federal government has not indicated any plans for a new round of stimulus payments, various states, including Montana, are taking initiatives to provide financial support to their residents during these challenging times.

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