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A Social Security Official Criticizes Lauren Boebert for What She Finds Unacceptable



A Social Security Official Criticizes Lauren Boebert for What She Finds Unacceptable

A Social Security Official Criticizes Lauren Boebert for What She Finds Unacceptable. In a recent House Oversight Committee hearing, Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) engaged in a heated exchange with Oren “Hank” McKnelly, an executive counselor for the Social Security Administration (SSA). Boebert criticized the agency’s telework policies, alleging that “delinquent employees” were working from home, hindering overall productivity.

The Clash Over Telework Policies

Rep. Boebert’s critique centered on her belief that SSA employees were not effectively carrying out their duties while working remotely. McKnelly promptly responded, shedding light on the monitoring mechanisms in place to ensure employees’ accountability and accessibility during work hours.

Unpacking the Backlog Dilemma

Boebert pressed further, pointing to a significant increase in backlogs for Social Security applicants – a jump from 41,000 to 107,000. McKnelly attributed this to historical underfunding, emphasizing that the agency had struggled with inadequate resources for years.

Funding Levels and Staffing Woes

The debate intensified as Boebert disputed the notion of underfunding, citing funding levels comparable to those during Democratic leadership. McKnelly countered, highlighting a substantial increase in beneficiaries over the past decade while concurrently experiencing the lowest staffing levels at the end of FY 22.

The Math Problem

A key moment in the exchange was McKnelly’s assertion that the agency faced a math problem – a disconnect between the rising workload and the insufficient staffing levels. This raised questions about the agency’s ability to meet the increasing demands for its services.

Pandemic-Level Spending and Staffing Challenges

Boebert argued that the SSA was funded at “pandemic-level spending” but failed to address the staffing shortages. McKnelly underscored the need for adequate staffing to address the surging number of beneficiaries and prevent backlogs.


The confrontation between Rep. Boebert and SSA’s McKnelly underscores the complex challenges facing the Social Security Administration, including historical underfunding, increased workloads, and staffing shortages. As policymakers grapple with these issues, the focus remains on finding sustainable solutions to ensure the efficient delivery of services to those in need.

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