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A Rumor About Stimulus Checks Is Addressed by the IRS



A Rumor About Stimulus Checks Is Addressed by the IRS. Contrary to widespread speculation on social media, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has officially debunked a rumor suggesting that residents of 10 states, including California, would be receiving a fourth round of economic stimulus checks.

The alleged payments were rumored to range from $250 to several thousand dollars and were said to commence on November 30.

Clarification from IRS Spokesperson

Anthony Burke, a spokesperson for the IRS, confirmed the inaccuracy of the rumor, emphasizing that there is no fourth round of stimulus checks scheduled to be issued by the Treasury Department. Burke revealed that the IRS has received numerous inquiries regarding the rumor and clarified that it holds no factual basis.

Final Round of Payments for Inflation Relief in California

The IRS spokesperson highlighted that the last round of payments, which were presented as inflation relief checks in California, had already been disbursed in early 2023. Eligible recipients were expected to have received their payments either through direct deposit or a debit card sent by mail.

Overview of California Stimulus Program

California implemented a program to address the financial challenges brought about by escalating inflation. The program distributed over $9 billion in direct payments, varying between $200 and $1,050. The disbursement aimed to alleviate the economic burdens experienced by eligible recipients in the face of rising inflation.

Source of the Rumor Unclear

The origins of the stimulus check rumor remain unclear. While the IRS has dismissed the claim, it is noted that people may have misconstrued information related to tax surplus rebates issued by certain states such as Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Montana, and New Mexico. The confusion arising from these separate initiatives may have contributed to the false speculation regarding additional stimulus checks.


The IRS has officially refuted the rumor, reaffirming that there is no ongoing program for a fourth round of stimulus checks, and all eligible recipients should have received their final round of payments in early 2023.

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